Why you should buy furnishings that support local craftspeople.

Acquiring furniture and other home furnishing items from a local business that supports makers in your community has some important benefits, particularly in this time of climate emergency.

It helps the makers develop their talent and keep working in their field.   Investing in hand made furniture, art and accessories made in British Columbia and throughout Canada is the only way to ensure that these artisans, artists and craftspeople can invest all their time in their work.

By purchasing locally made product, you invest in the local economy.  Small business owners generally keep the proceeds in the local economy, by re-investing in their business and helping the wider community economy to grow.

Reduce your carbon footprint by lessening the impact of shipping when you purchase locally made items.  Designer showrooms like ours stock brands that are imported from Europe or Asia.  When we opened our showroom four years ago it was with two goals.  One was to offer designs that were not available elsewhere, of high quality, authentic design and accessible.  The other was to support local artisans and makers.  We endeavoured to offer a choice.  


Here in British Columbia, we live close to nature.  When we support local entrepreneurs, and craftspeople, we help to reduce our carbon footprint and make a positive impact on our environment.




Here are some examples of pieces that are locally made.

Vertex Cube by Jason Klager.

Clair End Table by Autonomous Furniture







Eclipse Sideboard in Blackened Oak.

Orca Chair & Ottoman by Jay Miron

One if the advantages of ordering from a local maker is the opportunity to customize a design to meet the specifications of your project.  Size, wood species and design changes are all possible.












Kick Chair & Ottoman from Nicholas Purcell





Emerald Side Table from Sholto Design



Beautifully designed and hand crafted here in Vancouver.  We can no longer say that it must be imported to be of high quality. SwitzerCultCreative is not the only local business that supports locally made product.  Located here in the Armoury District one of our neighbours Provide Home also works with local artists including Lisa Turner’s Quake Furniture Collection and the Barter Collection from Kenny Torrance. We encourage you to check them out.  And to see all our Made in Canada pieces look here: http://www.switzercultcreative.com/products/category/made-in-canada

Geo Coffee Table and Mirror designed by Eli Chissick & Made in Vancouver.

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