what we do:

We are a boutique, family owned company with a respected legacy in the design industry, now in the third generation.  Having been inspired and learned from design community icon, Bill Switzer, Father of Renee Switzer and  Grandfather of Adam Bellas, and Jennifer Wilds,  our mission at  SwitzerCultCreative™  is the discovery, promotion and development of sustainable designs meant for modern living.

Within our flagship showroom here in Vancouver, and through our network of designer showrooms both in Canada and the United States we carefully curate unique collections of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories.  Nearly half of our collection is Made in Canada and we're passionate about developing markets for new designers from the Pacific Northwest, as well as increasing the footprint of existing international brands whose work is already established abroad.  We are also particularly invested in partnering with local and national female designers and readily welcome their design submissions.

We're proud to present home furnishings which are authentic in nature in both their originality and provenance and we place the utmost importance on knowing every detail of the products we promote.

This means we know and understand:

  • The creator and craftsperson of the products
  • The materials used to create the furniture, lighting and accessories
  • How the products are made and finished
  • The environmental sustainability of each collection or piece

At SwitzerCultCreative, we are always striving to foster an atmosphere which highlights exclusive pieces within an inclusive space.  In essence, an environment that surrounds you with quality without feeling stuffy.  Under the seasoned direction of Adam Bellas, our aim is to build lasting partnerships with both our designers and our clients and we are pleased to have a long history of relationships based on a foundation of collaboration, creativity and the highest level of client care.

Our ultimate goal at SwitzerCultCreative is to provide people with the potential to create personal spaces that harmonize peace, tranquility and true sustainability.

Supporting the Industry


Our aim is to promote unknown talent by providing a launching point for new designers to build their own brands. We want to provide a platform for creative people to share their work. A space and a support network that will enable them to propel their talents forward while simultaneously establishing a solid platform for them to build from.

If you are a young aspiring artist with something to share, or you know someone who is, get in touch with us at our Vancouver showroom for further information.