Welcome from Allan and Renee Switzer

Curve Chair from Baumhaus Collection Allan and I are thrilled to be launching our new business this month. Our vision includes seeking out new designs and designers who are searching for a vehicle through which their unique designs will be honoured and marketed to the right audience.  We are launching with two such Collections.  The AHRPA Collection from Umberto Asnago speaks from the experience of yesterday with the vision of today.  It carries with it all of the expected qualities of a fine piece of furniture made in Italy at a shop where quality and pride in workmanship were born into the owner with technique and craftsmanship handed down from his Father.

Baumhaus Collection is designed and made on the west coast of British Columbia by our new friends Nicolas and Jess Meyer who live and breathe their beliefs and everything they do signals their passion for the environment.

Over the years Allan and I have developed relationships with industry professionals who share our work ethics and ideals.  We will be sharing this space with them from time to time and look forward to hearing from you. Together with our designers, craftspeople and passionate sales teams we bring you SWITZERCULTCREATIVE.

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7 Responses to Welcome from Allan and Renee Switzer

  1. How great to see you two again. Congratulation and much success!

    • Jutt says:

      My apartment is 650 SQ and being on basidility from an automobile Accident, and on SSI.I can not afford to buy furniture. I have second hand things that are over 20 years old and they are falling apart Literally Would Love to throw everything out and buy new. Need to start by painting, doing over hard wood floor, drapes/curtains and furniture.Guess it will never happen with todays economy!

      • Renee says:

        Hi Jutt, Thanks for taking the time to contribute to our blog. I bet you could restore some of your existing things and make a project of re-finishing to update them.
        Wish you all the best . Renee

  2. Sahraouia says:

    Making a statement This is one of the points I would hope to make with the quality, integrity, and beauty that I put into my custom work. Does your home say something about you? Do you support American craftsmanship and American integrity? What is that, you say?

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