SWITZERCULTCREATIVE Design Competition ShortList Announced Today

We are thrilled to announce the Short List of names for the SwitzerCultCreative Design Competition.
The following designs have qualified to be included in the Short List:

Jose Antonio Aceves of Mexico City for “Akali” Lounge Chair
Elisabetta Petronilla Conti of Milan, Italy & Los Gatos, CA. for “Hang on” Table
Matthias Slavens Contrael of Ridgewood, NY, USA for “Himrod St.” Desk
Dmitry Kozinenko of Ukraine, Crimea for “Viking” Chair
Dmitry Kozinenko of Ukraine, Crimea for “Sail” Table
Dmitry Kozinenko of Ukraine, Crimea for “Stream” Table
Vineeta Merchant of Mumbai, India for “Wofo” Seating
Joana and Carla Sguario of Milan, Italy & Northridge, CA. for “Groovy” Table
Kenny Yap of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for “Beautalis” Chair
Emily Yen of Providence, Rhode Island for “Da Vinci” Chair

The winning entry will be announced November 30, 2012

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