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January 2019 marks our third year since opening the SwitzerCultCreative Showroom.  Reflecting back, I continue to feel the thrill of connecting with designers and craftspeople who create exciting, timeless works, infusing their personality into creating original design. The excitement of connecting with creatives happens at Design Shows in Europe,  ICFF in New York and in small workshops right here in British Columbia. Inspiration comes in surprising ways; a museum exhibition; a storefront in a new city; a special flower arrangement.  For me, it is essential to take myself out my daily routine and roam neighbourhoods in familiar and unfamiliar cities for inspiration.

Designers and makers put their heart and soul into creating original, unique works.  Each of the designers & companies we work with has a story that fits well with the goals we have for SwitzerCultCreative.  We aspire to bring products into our showroom that are not available elsewhere in British Columbia and we love to work with craftspeople who live and work in British Columbia.  For 2019 we want to get closer to our goal that 50% of our collections are “Made in Canada”.  Of the 17 furniture Collections currently available, 7 are designed and made in Canada.  These collections include designs by Eli Chissick, Jay Miron Furniture, Sholto Design Studio, Nicholas Purcell,  all made in Vancouver and Studio Klager from Prince George, BC.  Textiles and accessories from Ivan Meade of Victoria, BC., and lighting by Miller Modern from Vancouver Island.

Hand thrown ceramics from Beth Hawthorn, Roberts Creek, B.C. , glass accessories by Jaan Andres designed and made in Vancouver, and hand woven cedar baskets by Jessica Silvey from Sechelt, B.C. are all available in our showroom.   A commitment to include made in Canada goods in our business model is also a commitment to small business and families close to home.  For me personally it is very gratifying to provide the showroom space, marketing and sales support for hand crafted, made in Canada furniture and accessories and to play a role in helping the talented designers and craftsman grow their businesses.

A healthy, happy and successful 2019 to all.

Renee Switzer


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