At SwitzerCultCreative, we are passionate about creating opportunities to come together in community and to support craftspeople locally and around the globe. This year, we were delighted to take part in Crafted Vancouver as an Official Event Partner, hosting two events in our showroom.

Meet and Greet with local makers.

We hosted an open house meet and greet with some of our local designers and makers on May 25th. It was meaningful to spend time with new and old friends sharing what we do and our passion for quality sustainable design. Some of the local designers and makers in attendance were Jay Miron, Jason Klager, Nicholas Purcell, Robbie Farrell, David Ullock and Jake Johnston.

Connect Series by Robbie Farrell.

Kick Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Nicholas Purcell.

Fickle Trickle mixed woods and paint on custom panel by David Ullock.

You can view Jay Miron’s Franklin Dining table and Kern coffee table in the showroom. Jason Klager’s Vertex cubes are on display. Nicholas Purcell is showing his Sidekick Chair and Ottoman and Finn Side table. Robbie Farrell’s Connect Series as well as other new pieces are on view in the showroom. David Ullock and Jake Johnston’s unique and sustainably created wood-based art pieces are on display. Come by the SwitzerCultCreative showroom at 1725 West 3rd Avenue in Vancouver to view these handmade items and much more from local and international makers and designers.

Vertex Cube by Jason Klager.

The Kern Coffee Table by Jay Miron.

“Meticulous” by Jake Johnston.

Cedar basket weaving workshop.

On June 1, we hosted a cedar basket weaving workshop led by Jessica Silvey of Red Cedar Woman. Each participant made a cedar basket, using cedar sourced sustainably by Jessica and her husband Robert. Jessica also hand dyes cedar and other materials with berries found locally. It was an enriching and connecting experience to get hands on with this traditional craft. Jessica offers these workshops year-round.

Jessica Silvey of Red Cedar Woman.

Cedar basket and materials.

From time to time, we have events like these. If you have suggestions for events, please let us know. Join our newsletter list here:

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