Aqua Creations – Drama In Motion

by Laura Goldstein

Appearing to sway seductively by imaginary water currents Aqua Creations’ Morning Glory Floor Lamp is positioned precariously like an ancient stalagmite in a cave at Beit Gurvin National Park. It’s an UNESCO World Heritage Site in Israel. “This was an amazing set-up and shoot in celebration of our 30th Anniversary,” describes Albi Serfaty from his studio in Tel Aviv. “All our lighting is handmade from pleated silk and I chose this location because the raw textures of the cave rock and silk are the same – it’s like the creation of fabric in a way.” 

As co-founder, designer and photographer of  Aqua Creations, Serfaty decided to re-release Morning Glory because it was one of the first lighting pieces created by the company in 1992 but “has since evolved from short and fat to tall and skinny with a different crown,” he explains .

With a predominately abstract sculptural interpretation of sea life, Aqua Creations’ striking lighting pieces all constructed in-house, have distinguished interiors of hotels, restaurants,  and residences all over the world as well as film and television set design.  

The spectacular coral reefs of the Red Sea to the Sinai have always influenced Serfaty’s lighting designs. “It all started with snorkelling, which I love,” Serfaty enthuses. “I was recently in Sinai again and I saw the Beduins who are fisherman there and I thought that it would be a good idea to give back by employing them to take care of the coral reefs. A lot of coral has been damaged not so much by climate change but by severe storms.”

Although some wall sconces and ceiling lights became more geometric over the years like Simon Says Yes, many designs have recently come full circle like the new curvaceous Code 130 Collection’s, C1 Pendant Light. “You must look up to see them and for me, that’s the angle of optimism,” Serfaty says. It’s available in 16 spectacular silk colour combinations in the single pendant or double lantern-shaped iterations. 

Serfaty is a big proponent of families – and not just because two of his daughters have joined the Aqua Creations team as the web designer and another daughter looks after social media and is a photographer like her father.  Collections are conceived in “ families” with various lineages in each: from the stylized, organic Morning Glory Family and her Coral Wall and Ceiling Lamps, Fan and Medusa Wall Lights to the modernist geometric ToTem Family and a new collection entitled Lakes that Serfaty will showcase at Design Miami 2022.

For the 2022 Milan Design Week, Aqua Creations partnered with Lexus and award-winning German architect, Germaine Barnes for Sparks of Tomorrow. The immersive sculptural installation utilized C1 Pendant Lights and ToTem Chandeliers in the Lexus launch of their new battery- electric vehicle, RZ.

“This is the nice thing about being around for 30 years,” laughs Serfaty. People know us and when the product fits it’s a wonderful collaboration.”

Aqua Creations lighting is available at SwitzerCultCreative, Unit 102-1636 West 2nd Avenue,Vancouver.

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