what we do:

At SwitzerCultCreative we identify, create and market 21st century furniture designs for residential and hospitality projects that are modern, luxurious and sustainable.
We search for products that are new to the North American market and seek to identify designers who create original designs, exclusively for us.

In the same way that we care about the food we eat, who grows it and whether it is organic or not, we place the highest importance on knowing every detail of our products.
We know how the furniture is made and finished
We know the creator and builder of our products
We know the materials used in the furniture
We know our products are environmentally sustainable
The SwitzerCultCreative goal is to make the world a better place by providing the products that help people create personal environments that provide peace, tranquility and positive energy – while ensuring high-quality products that are eco-conscious.
Supporting the Industry
Creative people want to create and may not always have a vehicle through which to introduce their designs to the world. SwitzerCultCreative sponsors an biennial design competition for students. The winner will have their design built and marketed for one year by SwitzerCultCreative. Our aim is to promote unknown talent by providing a launching point for new designers to build their own brands.

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