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AHRPA COLLECTION: A true 21st century collection created by Umberto Asnago – a well-known Italian furniture designer with decades of experience – who began as a designer in 1968 with world-renowned Giorgetti S.P.A. In 1987, Asnago gained international recognition for the “Progetti” collection designed for Giorgetti.

The AHRPA Collection represents tomorrow with the experience of yesterday. It is clean, architecturally elegant and luxurious. The furnishings are carefully hand-crafted by Italian artisans using sustainable materials to create the ultimate in contemporary living. Hand crafted in Italy by Ferri Mobili1957.logoFERRIMOBILI




DOUGLAS COUPLAND COLLECTION: “The ‘Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative’ collection is a reflection of everything I use daily,” says Coupland. “These are pieces that will unleash creativity, dopamine, high style and timelessness into their user’s world.”
> About Douglas Coupland: www.coupland.com


ELI CHISSICK COLLECTION: Each of Eli Chissick’s pieces of furniture in his “Wood-con-fusion” series tells a unique and magical story of transformation. Each table, cabinet and bench began its life as a seemingly useless pile of off-cuts on a carpentry studio’s floor.
With the multi-talented eye of an experienced designer, artist and carpenter, and a passionate belief in environmental sustainability, Eli is able to see the potential in the most unassuming pieces of wood which would otherwise be relegated to the scrap heap. Nothing goes to waste as Eli collects and sorts these pieces and then presses them into sheets which he uses to create unique pieces of furniture of the highest quality.


FRINGE STUDIO COLLECTION: Mixi Modular by Fringe Studio is comprised of a set of 10 boxes and 10 bases that combine to make cabinets of any size and function. This simple kit of parts is well thought-out and beautifully proportioned. Available in many finishes and featuring accessories such as wine racks, speakers, seat cushions and custom tops. Winner of the Dwell on Design 2014 Award for Furniture. The possibilities are limitless!


LIGHTING & ACCESSORIES COLLECTIONS: We have searched out specially curated lighting collections to complement our growing furniture lines.

Fred&Juul_logo_black smallestcopy
Fred&Juul is hand crafted in Florence, Italy, using techniques combining old style craftsmanship with modern sensibilities.

SkLO is modern Czech glass. Dating back over seven hundred years, Czech glassblowing is one of the oldest and greatest of the world’s historic craft traditions, known for the remarkable quality and purity of its glass, and the skill of the craftspeople who produce it.

Jaan Andres creates hand blown glass objects in Vancouver B.C.

We hope you appreciate them as much as we do. .


Eclipse P 7
HAGIT PINOVICI COLLECTION: The ECLIPSE and METAPHYSICS COLLECTIONS combine contemporary with classic; rich colours blended with slim profiles make a bold statement.  The use of Carrara Marble with bold lacquers melds the classic with contemporary.  Each piece is handmade in a family owned artisan studio near Milan, Italy.
Italian construction and finishes offer an assurance of quality at the highest level of craftsmanship.


Iván Meade fabric line
IVÁN MEADE COLLECTION: Iván Meade’s extensive experience in graphic, industrial, and interior design has provided him with distinctive insight into the intricacies of fabric design, allowing him to create a line that is not only unique, but also precisely meets the requirements of interior designers and appeals to the most discerning tastes.
“As a designer, I know what is out there and I am doing things that have not been done in the industry for fabric design,” says Meade. “For example, we have designed the Grabado and the Lineas fabrics in pattern repeats that are three yards in length — a unique scale that’s a great match for dramatic window treatments.”
In addition to the limitless combinations possible within the line itself, all have been meticulously designed to integrate into other manufacturers’ inventory.


SE LONDON COLLECTION: When Sé began in 2007, director and founder Pavlo Schtakleff had a goal – to become a dynamic and innovative presence in the world of contemporary luxury design. Sé’s visionary idea was to invite some of the world’s finest furniture designers to produce collections, akin to an art gallery or a couture house, the ultimate object being to build a catalogue of highly-crafted and beautifully-finished objects, made of the finest materials, by the best craftspeople in Europe.

Since then, the London-based company has stayed true to its founding ethos and to date, Sé has created three editions from the French designer Damien Langlois-Meurine, the Spanish-born Jaime Hayon and Slovenia-based Nika Zupanc, all of which have been highly acclaimed.

Under Sé’s stewardship, each collection has its own sensibility and character, while harnessing a personality, polish and sheer sense of finish that is undeniably Sé. All our pieces are the products of the most exacting collaborations. They are sensual, tactile and cerebral, inviting the gaze and the touch as well as engaging the mind.

Curated in London and fabricated across Europe to the highest technical standards, Sé aims to make furniture that not only delights, but also has a real sense of occasion. SwitzerCultCreative is honoured to represent Se London in Western Canada.


SHOLTO DESIGN STUDIO COLLECTION: Our goal is to build furniture designed as much for its beauty as for its practicality. We craft pieces to fit your life perfectly and last for generations. Built to outlast its owners, each piece is made with both veneered and solid hardwoods, assembled with mortise and tenon joints, fitted with the best hardware available and hand rubbed with non-toxic natural oil and wax finish products.


ZANAT COLLECTION: Zanat is a family owned company with generations of uncompromising quality and innovation behind it. In 2014 the Konjic woodcarving technique created and developed by the Niksic family was officially nominated by the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The furniture is made with sustainably harvested wood and Zanat is committed to achieving a carbon neutral footprint through product longevity, zero wood waste, reforestation and conservation.
SwitzerCultCreative brings Zanat to Canada for the first time. Coming in May 2016.