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AHRPA COLLECTION: A true 21st century collection created by Umberto Asnago – a well-known Italian furniture designer with decades of experience – who began as a designer in 1968 with world-renowned Giorgetti S.P.A. In 1987, Asnago gained international recognition for the “Progetti” collection designed for Giorgetti.

The AHRPA Collection represents tomorrow with the experience of yesterday. It is clean, architecturally elegant and luxurious. The furnishings are carefully hand-crafted by Italian artisans using sustainable materials to create the ultimate in contemporary living.



BAUMHAUS COLLECTION: Jess and Nicolas Meyer conceived Baumhaus Atelier as a creative laboratory and a playpen for their inspiration and curiosity. Known for their refreshing designs, precision work and a focus on sustainability long before “green” became a popular marketing slur. Their views on quality and durability, first and foremost as a necessity rather than a luxury, steers against today’s “disposable product” mentality.



DOUGLAS COUPLAND COLLECTION: “The ‘Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative’ collection is a reflection of everything I use daily,” says Coupland. “These are pieces that will unleash creativity, dopamine, high style and timelessness into their user’s world.”
> About Douglas Coupland: www.coupland.com


BARTER COLLECTION: As BARTER, we seek to understand the inherent qualities and potential of the materials around us. It is this understanding that guides and informs the products we create and the artists we work with. We believe deeply in telling the stories of these artists; learning their processes and methodologies. The result is a collection of objects that is thoughtful, provoking and has a story to tell.



ELI CHISSICK COLLECTION: Each of Eli Chissick’s pieces of furniture in his “Wood-con-fusion” series tells a unique and magical story of transformation. Each table, cabinet and bench began its life as a seemingly useless pile of off-cuts on a carpentry studio’s floor.
With the multi-talented eye of an experienced designer, artist and carpenter, and a passionate belief in environmental sustainability, Eli is able to see the potential in the most unassuming pieces of wood which would otherwise be relegated to the scrap heap. Nothing goes to waste as Eli collects and sorts these pieces and then presses them into sheets which he uses to create unique pieces of furniture of the highest quality.