Sholto Scruton – Sholto Design Studio wins Western Living Designer of the Year 2015


Read about it here:

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Sholto Design Studio wins 2015 Western Living Designer of the year award for Furniture

I am so thrilled for Sholto being recognized for his dedication to his craft.

Renee Switzer

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Introducing Hagit Pincovici


Hagit Pincovici

A story of three generations:

The whole story starts with Marcel, the grandfather who established a company named “Polycryl” in 1961, producing handmade plexiglass and simple daily objects. His son, Shimon, who developed the commercial relations with Europe and created a group of talented artisans, working in a well equipped atelier. Finally, we arrive to Hagit, the grandaughter. Born in 1978, when she was a child, she used to help the old Marcel fiddling around, grew up to become a designer and decided to push all these different experiences and knowledge into a complete design-based entrepreneurial adventure.

Hagit Pincovici
Born in Tel Aviv in 1978, living and working in Milan and Rome, Italy.
Pincovici graduated from the department of Industrial design at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem in 2005, and won a scholarship for upstanding achievements for her designs from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree, Pincovici served as the design department’s director at the international lighting and furniture atelier “Aqua Creations LTD.” in Tel-Aviv, Israel for two years.

Since her graduation in excellence from the Design Management and Cultural Experience program at Domus Academy, she has been teaching at the Naba Design Academy in Milan. Her own work was also exhibited in the group exhibition at the Triennale during the “Salone del Mobile” in 2009.

In the past two years, she has been collaborating with major Italian companies such as “Colè” and “Miniforms” and her work is being featured in acclaimed industry-related publications such as “Interni”, “Domus”, “Frame”, “ElleDecor”, “Abitare”, “Forbes”.

Pincovici has been working on launching her new collection of unique furniture pieces, exclusively for the North American market, and has exhibited at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in NYC, in May 2014 and 2015.

Renee Switzer is thrilled to announce a recent agreement that will see SwitzerCultCreative™ the exclusive distributor in Canada and most areas in the United States.

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ADEX Platinum Award Winners

I am very proud to announce that three of our SwitzerCultCreative™ designers products have been awarded the PLATINUM award by ADEX for 2014/2015.

The Eli Chissick Mirror

The Black Tusk Console from Baumhaus Atelier

blk tusk 6x9-1

The Black Tusk Stool from Baumhaus Atelier



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SwitzerCultCreative is a member of Be Original Americas, an organization that supports authentic original design.
Read about it here:

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Meet Eli Chissick and listen to his design process

Eli Chissick designs are now included in the grouping of SwitzerCultCreative™ Collections available in Canada and the United States exclusively through SwitzerCultCreative™.

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In their own words –

SwitzerCultCreative™ presents : A collaboration between designer Umberto Asnago and craftsman Marzio Ferri:


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Revisiting the AHRPA story

Read about the creation of the AHRPA Collection.


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For those attending Maison&Objet in Paris

Eli Chissick, our newest designer will be exhibiting at Maison & Objet Paris September 8-13, 2014. Please drop by and say hello.


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New Collection for Fall 2014

August 15, 2014

Licensed exclusively to SwitzerCultCreative for introduction this Fall is a new collection of occasional pieces designed by Eli Chissick, an award winning designer and master craftsman from Tel Aviv, Israel. Chissick’s works have been exhibited in USA, Europe and Israel, winning numerous international design awards. Chissick’s passion for sustainable practice led to his most recent venture of recycled art “Wood-Con-Fusion”.

Each of Eli Chissick’s pieces of furniture in his “Wood-con-fusion” series tells a unique and magical story of transformation. Each table, cabinet and bench began its life as a seemingly useless pile of off-cuts on a carpentry studio’s floor.

With the multi-talented eye of an experienced designer, artist and carpenter, and a passionate belief in environmental sustainability, Eli is able to see the potential in the most unassuming pieces of fiberboard, veneer and Formica which would otherwise be relegated to the scrap heap. Nothing goes to waste as Eli collects and sorts these pieces and then presses them into sheets which he uses to create unique pieces of furniture of the highest quality.

When you purchase a piece from the “Wood-con-fusion” range you acquire not only a functional work of art, but one which is impossible to duplicate due to its history of inspirational sustainable workmanship.

Licensed in North America exclusively to SwitzerCultCreative.

EliChissickPhotoChissick mirror IMG_1544

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